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Rules and Regulations: Character Restrictions

So, you're thinking about what character to apply for. It's a tough decision: there are a lot of great ones out there. Sora from Kingdom Hearts? Raj Ahten from the Runelords? What about Marvel Comics' Blade? Or perhaps a Forgotten Realms native, such as Drizzt Do'Urden? The choice is yours; in the immortal words of the Grail Knight from Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade, "choose wisely." ...that was entirely too much set-up for such a little quote, wasn't it? Regardless, make sure you pick a character you really want to play; any other kind just wouldn't be fun to play, would it?

The rules, the rules, here they are for the character restrictions. First off, a given player may play only ONE character from any given fandom. Sorry, kids, but no one person playing both Fran AND Balthier, for example... that would be all kinds of boring. Furthermore, a player may only play a Forgotten Realms character if they first play another character. We want to be able to evaluate your abilities as a player; also, this game is about the guys who are new to Faerun, not the established ones.

Nextly, and this kind of blurs the line with the posting section, is how many characters you can have. Good news! You can have as many as SEVEN CHARACTERS at one time. However! Your posting requirements depend on how many characters you have. We don't want people to have 7 characters and underplay them all; if you are going to have that many, you have to keep them all ACTIVE. We understand that there are casual players out there; those players have "lives", and can't be expected to post as much. If you have a lot of characters, though, it's clear you are in this hardcore, and we will expect you to post like it. Therefore, a player with up to three characters must only post once every two weeks (that's two calendar weeks, Monday to Sunday, not 14 days) with each of their characters. Going three full weeks without a post will cause a character like this to be dropped for inactivity. On the other hand, a player with between four and seven characters must post once every week, with each of their characters. Going two full weeks without a post will cause a character like this to be dropped for inactivity.

Another line-blurring: you must wait at least a week after each acceptance before applying for another character. Don't give us the blitzkrieg: we want you to get each character settled in before you bust out a new one. It's for YOUR benefit, trust us.
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