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City Info: Calimport

Calimport: A desert slum city, the crime capital of Toril and in the country of Calimshan, where it is not the Sultan Veshera that rules, but warring crime syndicates. Calimport is a city of extremes, where there are a few fabulously wealthy residents, and a large underclass trapped in crushing poverty until death or a lucky break from illegal activity. New found residents are advised to take care at all times, or risk being the victim of a violent crime.

Population 192,800

Persons of Interst:

Pasha Pook: Currently, the most powerful man in Calimport, the leader of the most successful crime guild in in the city. As of late, Pook, normally a well-tanned and plump individual has become somewhat sallow and pale, as though weighed down by his duties.

Sultan Vezhera: The nominal leader of Calimport.

Mystic Tavern: The busiest and best tavern of the town, offering a wide variety of food and drink catered to any budget. An opium den operates out of the back rooms of the establishment, perfect for traveles hoping to obtain a slightly more "cosmic" experience.

The Glistening Harem: Arguably the cleanest operation in the city, catering to all mainstream sexual fetishes and kinks. For travelers hoping for some non-sexual pleasure, opulent bath house services are available, with price ranges to accomdate several different income brackets.
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