rtl_mods (rtl_mods) wrote in rtl_faerun,

City Info: Silverymoon

Silverymoon: called "The Gem of the North", Silverymoon strives to replicate the design of the long lost elven city Myth Drannor, with ethereal tall white spires created and shaped by magic. It is a city of beauty, light, and community. Any and all creatures of the "good" races are accepted there equally, as well as a few members of the "evil" races. Silverymoon is also a city of magic, home to some of the best spellcasters Toril over.

Population:100,000 est.

People of Intrest
Alustriel Silverhand: The unanimously elected ruler of Silverymoon, considered to be one of the gems the city has to offer, being a kind, beautiful, and talented woman, being a powerful archmage capable of creating a great many useful alchemical and magical items.

The Moonbridge: a bridge crossing over a creek in the city, constructed entirely from magical means. It is a common meeting place in the city due to it's location near town center, and it's breathtaking and picturesque architiecture.
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