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Application Form

Players information
Name: (What you would like to be called by the other players and the Mods)


Livejournal: (Either your personal journal or your character journal... an absolute must for acceptance.)

E-mail address: (Another must)

Instant messanger: (please include program and Name)

Character Information

Series/Work: (Where your character comes from. For characters with multiple iterations, like Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII and Kindom Hearts, for example, could both appear in the game.)
Age: (If your character's age is not specified, just make a best guess)

Brief Character History: (For the most part, we would like it if you would stick to the strict character history when applying... but please see atatched note at bottom of application)

Cause of Death: (Since the characters in this world are dead souls, please write up a bit about how your character finds themself dead. Living characters must be killed off in order to join. Be as creative or as uninspiring as you wish. Not everyone gets to die young and beautiful!)

Brief character personality: (Let us know how you think the character reacts and responds to the world around them.)

Character's Physical description: (While not a big deal in the run of the game, it gives us mods more information about your writing style...)

Character's Weapons (if any): (When the character is taken from his world, his weapon will be replaced by a comperable item in Faerun. For more common weapons, the weapons table should be an indicator, but the mods ultimately get the final say in the mundane weapon your character recieves upon arrival.)

Character's powers (if any): (Make a list of powers your character has. This does not have to be in paragraph form, so long as all of your character's powers are listed.)

Character's Kept Power (if any): (If your character has powers, he is allowed to keep one power, which will be weakened and modified. You can be as creative about explaining the weakening of your character as you wish, but keep in mind that the Mods have the final say.)

Journal Writing Sample: (What we'd like you to do for this is write as if your character was making an entry post. It can be about anything you think your character might write about.)

Third Person Writing Sample: (Here, we want to see you describe your character doing something. For this, your character should keep their actions with other people to a minimum, since it's only your character that you wil be able to control upon acceptance.)

Some notes:
Longer is not always better... but having too little isn't any better, either. So how do you know you've managed to capture the essence of your character? Well, imagine that we're new to your fandom, and need to have this character explained to us. What's most important about your character? What defines the character as someone you want to play? Start from there, and pad your backstory out from there.

Examples: In case you're not sure about how to fill out the application form, you can check out the examples of our first two characters in Recalled to Life, Odin from Neil Gaiman's American Gods and Xigbar from Kingdom Hearts II.

Not all applications have to be as long as the first example... here is a good and bad sample of a short applicaiton respectively.

A good character Application... the short version
Name: Ally
Age: 22
Livejournal: mikata_lian
E-mail address: NamedAlex@aol.com
Instant messanger: AIM: NamedAlex

Character Information

Name: Xigbar
Series/Work: Kingdom Hearts II
Age: Approximately in his mid 40's.
Brief Character History: Xigbar is the Nobody of Braig, an assistant to Ansem the Wise, who studied the Heartless. Under the influence of Xehanort, a fellow researcher under Ansem, Braig gave up his heart to the darkness, leaving the shell of Xigbar behind. Along with Xemnas, Xehanort's nobody, and the other assistants under Ansem the Wise, he joined the Organization, formed so that they could find their missing hearts and restore their conditions. In concert with the other members of the organization, Xigbar worked to destabilize the conditions of the worlds, hoping to release hearts from the heartless by drawing Sora, the keyblade wielder, to concentrations of heartless. His own role in this plan was marginalized, being foiled from capturing the Emperor of the Land of Dragons by Sora, and was subsequently chased out of the world without having completed his mission. Xigbar later confronts Sora at his proof in the castle in The World that Never Was, ultimately losing his life to the boy and failing to defend the rest of crumbling Organization.

Cause of Death: Xigbar dies after a spectacularly vicious blow from Sora, the keyblade wielder, to the side of his head. After having sustained massive injuries from the child and his companions, he could hold on to his shell of a life any longer.

Brief character personality: Xigbar is a cheerful, if somewhat sarcastic nobody, who chooses his words to specifically irritate the person he is speaking to. His favorite expression is "as if!", a statement that comes up repeatedly in his converstations with others. If possible, he also worms insults and taunts into his interactions, more for pure amusment's sake than to gain an upper hand over his opponent. Called "the Free Shooter", he is loose in his opinions, and lax in his attitude. As a result, he is seen as largely incompetent by members of the Organization, second only to Demyx, and is often relegated to duties whose outcome is not overly dependant upon his success. Ultimately, of course, Xigbar cannot actually feel anything, because of his missing heart. His behavioral patterns are merely memories from his Other, Braig, though Xigbar, upon his creation, chose to use the memories and impressions that he had in his own unique way, resulting in his particular personality traits.

Character's Physical description: A scrawny, weathered old man, Xigbar appears to have been involved in quite a few battles, his face and neck being scarred from fighting. His right eye is missing, covered over with an eyepatch. Despite the obvious signs of hard living, Xigbar is always able to spare a cocky, toothy grin. While not a beserker like Saix, another member of the Organization, Xigbar does share several feral characteristics with the Luna Diviner, sharp fangs, slit-pupil eyes, and pointed, and pointed beastial ears. Unlike Saix, however, Xigbar pays special attention to his pepper-and-salt colored hair, keeping it well combed back into a shoulder-blade length ponytail. Like all the other members of the organization, he wears the standard outfit; black ankle-length hooded trenchcoat, knee-length boots, black pants, and gloves, assuring anonymity when wearing the hood up.

Character's Weapons (if any): "Free Shooter" pistols that fire pink laser-like bullets at a target.

Character's powers (if any):
Warp shot: Allows Xigbar to warp short distances and in different orientations, allowing him the best possible sniping shot.
Dark Portals: Allows Xigbar to travel long distances and in between worlds.
Control over Sniper Nobodies: Controls sniper-type nobodies.

Character's Kept Power (if any):
A less-effective warp-shot. It works on a five second lag, meaning that it takes five seconds for anything he warps to reappear.

Journal Writing Sample: Hey there, kiddies! I guess I'm going to have to write instead of type now... heh, sorry I'm a lazy speller.

As if! I'm not sorry at all! and you have to read it! Lucky lucky you.

So uh... yeah. Where are my guns? Is this a funny joke to you, some goddamn stranger? IS IT? I want my guns back, not these stupid collections of wood and metal! Oh, I'll use them all right, I'll use them INSIDE OF YOU! IN YOUR COLON!

So yeah, seriously. Any time would be just great, kay?
I'm Xigbar... and I'm... wherever the hell I am. I'm sure I'll find you. Later, dudes!

Third Person Writing Sample: Xigbar adjusted the sight of his low-tech firing device half-heartedly... figuratively speaking, of course. It... it just wasn't the same, though someone's heart was clearly in the right place when they painted his ammunition pink, like he had loaded in the free shooters. He stole a grin at the thought. After all, it was Marmar that everyone ragged on for having a girly weapon... then again, it was a scythe shaped and colored like a flower.
"Psh... what a girl," he muttered under his breath, returning to his work. He got the hang of reloading he weapon quickly enough, though it would still take longer than his own free shooter guns. He pouted at the thought as he nimbly assembled and disassembled the collapsable parts of the crossbow, unware of the ridiculous nature of the face. After feeling as though he got the basics down... it was time for target practice. Cans, animals, villagers... he wasn't feeling picky. He would have to work on shooting all of those things eventually, he was sure...

Why this was good: While the Journal Sample was toeing the line of acceptable, the rest of the writing in the application is solid, with attention to detail paid to the descriptions, because even if you're writing with precision, detail still matters! This application also goes a bit deeper into Xigbar's characterization, giving not only the player, but the moderators, something to work from.

A bad application:
Name: Ally
Age: 22
E-mail address: NamedAlex@aol.com
Instant messanger: NamedAlex

Character Information

Name: Xigbar

Series/Work: Kingdom Hearts II

Age: Approximately in his mid 40's.
Brief Character History: Xigbar is a nobody, number II in Organization XIII, created from Braig, a research assistant to Ansem the Wise and Xehanort. He tried to kidnap the Emperor in the land of dragons and failed, and was killed by Sora in the World that Never Was.

Cause of Death: Sora Kills him with the keyblade.

Brief character personality: Xigbar is sarcastic and upbeat, never passing up the chance to get the upper hand on another person. He talks like a valley girl whenever possible.

Character's Physical description: He has gray hair in a ponytail. His eye is yellow. The other eye is covered in an eyepatch, and he has a lot of scars on his face and neck. He wears a black trenchcoat, black gloves, black pants, and black boots.

Character's Weapons (if any): "Free Shooter" pistols that fire pink laser-like bullets at a target.

Character's powers (if any):
Warp shot: Allows Xigbar to warp short distances and in different orientations, allowing him the best possible sniping shot.
Dark Portals: Allows Xigbar to travel long distances and in between worlds.
Control over Sniper Nobodies: Controls sniper-type nobodies.

Character's Kept Power (if any):
A less-effective warp-shot. It works on a five second lag, meaning that it takes five seconds for anything he warps to reappear.

Journal Writing Sample: So... yeah. Where am I? Hey, do any of you dudes know? I hate this "having to write stuff out" thing. Typing is so much eaiser. I kind of wonder where the others went, so if nothing else, I can just blame this on Demyx, what a schmuck!

Third Person Writing Sample: Xigbar paced about, after figuring out his free shooters were gone, and replaced by crossbows. He looked at them with disdain, shaking his head. "I wouldn't use those to kill Demyx!" he sneered, "this is just great..." Reluctantly, he picked up his weapon, "Well... guess I'd better start looking around..." With that, he left the alleyway and headed into the city.

Why this is a bad application: First of all, not all the instructions were followed, which is an automatic rejection. You are required to offer up a personal or character journal before you apply. Secondly, in the field for "Instant Messenger", no service was specified. While we could probably assume that it was AIM, given that the address is from AOL. but we're not going to assume. We're going to just reject. Secondly, there isn't that much information about Xigbar, but... some important information wound up being omitted, leaving his characterization flawed and shallow. Finally, the samples are way way waaaaaaay too short. The journal sample in and of itself is only technically a paragraph.

Another Good Application:
Name: Kevin

Age: 20

Livejournal: [Bad username: Arxilius"]

E-mail address: Arxilius@yahoo.com

Instant messanger: Arxilius

Character Information
Name: Odin All-Father (goes by “Mr. Wednesday”)

Series/Work: Norse Mythology. The more salient bits of his personality, and his cover name, are taken from Neil Gaiman’s American Gods.
Age: Ageless

Extremely Truncated Character History (since this guy is a real-world god, from a culture that loved to embellish, I’m presenting a few, select tales): Odin was the first of the Aesir, son of the Frost Giants Bestla and Borr. He was born man-shaped and mighty; mighty enough that, with the help of his parents and brothers, he slayed the great Frost Giant Ymir. From Ymir’s body, he built the world of men. Into an ash and an elm tree, the three brothers gave life, thought, and feeling, thus creating the first mortals. Odin has, throughout mythology, given everything for the sake of gaining knowledge and power. He put out his own right eye, so that he might drink from the well of Mimir, and gain nigh-excessive knowledge of the past, present, and future. Later, he hung from Yggdrasil, the World Tree, for nine days and nights, impaled upon his own spear, the mighty Gungnir; as he hung, his mind opened to the wisdom of the nine worlds, teaching him nine secrets, nine songs, and twice-nine charms (which are detailed in the powers section).

Cause of Death: Not Applicable. Odin is here to watch his investments.

Brief character personality: Odin has a tendency to look down on everyone and everything; this is part ego, and part actual superiority to most. He is a man of riddles, who rarely gives a straight, honest answer to any question. One or the other, perhaps, but almost never both. Paradoxically, he is genial in his demeanor, and always willing to buy a round for a stranger; assuming, of course, they’ll tell him a story.

Character's Physical description: Odin is a tall, dark, wizened man. Often, he wears a cloak or mantle, and a wide-brimmed hat, intended to both guard against the elements, and conceal his appearance. For a long time, his empty right eye socket stood empty; in modern times, though, he has relented, and acquired a glass replacement. Oddly, it always seems to glow a fiery red, even when no other light is present. His beard is long and grey, and adds to the image of an old man that he has cultivated.

Character's Weapons (if any): The great dwarven spear, Gungnir; it is said to never miss its mark.

Character's powers (if any): Odin has mastery of 18 powerful charms:
1st: Heals pain and sickness, and relieve grief.
2nd: Heals wounds.
3rd: Turns aside enemy weapons
4th: Frees Odin from all bonds or shackles.
5th: Catch an arrow in flight unharmed.
6th: Cause spells used against him to hurt their caster.
7th: Put out a fire by looking at it.
8th: Win the friendship of those that hate him.
9th: Calm the weather.
10th: Dispel witches.
11th: Lead troops through battle unharmed.
12th: Know the memories of the dead.
13th: Bless a child, so that it will not fall in battle.
14th: Know the names of ALL of the gods. ALL OF THEM.
15th: He can dream of power, glory, and wisdom, and make others believe in that dream.
16th: Make any woman fall in love with him, instantly.
17th: Make it so any woman he wants will not want any other.
18th: Secret. A secret made powerful by Odin being the only one to know it.

Character's Kept Power (if any): Charm number 7. It will take a moment of concentration to make it work. Also, charm number 14 is something that happened once, and then he knew them forever, so it can’t really be taken away.

Journal Writing Sample: Hm… gone and taken Gungnir, have they? And this paltry replica is supposed to appease me? Laughable…

Apologies, introductions ought come first: all who read this might call me Mr. Wednesday. I do so look forward to meeting you all…

Has anyone a clue of where we find ourselves? ‘tis unlike home, in a quite profound way. Not a totally unwelcome way, but… still, ‘tis not home.

[Private to Self]
The one what took this task… he was known as Tyr. My son, in a different guise? Hm… time will tell.

Third Person Writing Sample: The aged man eased his way through town, supported by a great walking stick; only close inspection would reveal it to be a spear, longer by half than a man. It was a weapon to transfix an opponent ‘fore he could even lift a hand against its bearer; an object worthy of bearing its master’s weight. After all, was this man not Odin Spear-Shaker, the Flame-Eye, the Hel-Blinder and the Raven-God? Was he not the lord of Asgard? True it be, that this was not Asgard… a fact made clear by the wide-eyed and wondrous stares he drew. Rare it was that a man reached his apparent age; most were taken by disease or war, poor diet or poor sanitation. Calimport was not a city known for its living conditions… or, at least, not those for the lowest strata of society: the drifters and homeless, the serfs and peons. For now, shameful though it be, great Odin – make that “Mr. Wednesday” – found himself in this class. A less stout-hearted man might have shed a tear, but he simply kept walking… after all, an eye clouded by tears is less watchful, and to be unawares here was a dangerous proposition.

Why this was good: Character history provided a few important highlights. Normally, we would want a COMPLETE history; however, for gods from real-world sources, there is usually an absolutely DAUNTING amount of material around. We don't want to hear it all. We want the important bits for characterization. Furthermore, the powers were arranged in a simple, easy-to-read, and coherent way. The third-person sample was on the line; it was extremely well-written, but provided very little in the way of... shall we say "action". It was effective expositorially, though, which can be helpful during logging.

Another Bad Application: (Coming Soon)

These are just things to keep in mind while you work. if you have questions, you can contact the moderators at:
Ally: NamedAlex on AIM
Kevin: Arxilius on AIM

Work hard and have fun!
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