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City Information: Carradoon

Carradoon is an idyllic little village, located at the foot of the scenic Snowflake Mountains. There is little of interest here, to the average adventurer; simply a quiet, peaceful little farming town. Up a winding mountain path, though, lies the greatest temple of Deneir ever built: Spirit Soaring.

Population: Around 400 in Carradoon proper, 900 more in Spirit Soaring (not including a constantly-changing number of guests)

Races: Mostly humans, with a few half-orcs mixed in. Spirit Soaring welcomes worshippers of Deneir with no regard to race, though.

Persons of Note, Primary: Cadderly Bonaduce, High Priest of Deneir; he resides in the temple that he himself constructed, Spirit Soaring. Cadderly is an apparently-wizened old man; however, in reality, he is barely 30 years of age. An extreme focusing of divine magic (the construction of the Spirit Soaring, to be exact) caused him to age rapidly, though he is gradually returning to his natural age.

Persons of Note, Secondary: Danica Maupoissont, follower of Oghma, and wife of Cadderly; she, as well, resides in Spirit Soaring. Danica was formerly an adventurer, along with Cadderly and his friends; now, she does her best to support her husband, and lead the great temple of Spirit Soaring along with him.

Persons of Note, Secondary: Brother Chaunticleer, follower of Deneir, and leader of Spirit Soaring's choir; unlike many members of the clergy, Chaunticleer does not generally cast spells... per se. His voice, however, is said to touch the heavens, and drive back dark forces. He was the only priest of the Edificant Library (Spirit Soaring's predecessor) to survive a vampiric invasion, which was eventually quelled by the Library's prodigal son, Cadderly.

Places of Note: Spirit Soaring. The center of worship for adherents of Deneir, god of knowledge and invention. The monumental and inspiring building is a temple, hostel, library, and forum, all in one. Its doors are always open to outsiders.
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