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Recalled To Life:A Forgotten Realms Multifandom RP's Journal
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Below are the 18 most recent journal entries recorded in Recalled To Life:A Forgotten Realms Multifandom RP's LiveJournal:

Thursday, June 14th, 2007
2:01 am
Sorry, guys
I regret to inform all players that Recalled to Life is officially closed.

We never really got it off the ground; a false start, one might call it. One of these days, the community might be resurrected, in which case you will all be contacted. In the meantime, you are encouraged to look into hymn_of_static, a Silent Hill-based pan-fandom RP. It's a game based firmly in the genre of Horror, so our youngest member may not wish to apply. However, it is up to you.

Good luck in your affairs, and good hunting.

~The Mods~
Sunday, April 15th, 2007
10:50 pm
Starting points
Only 59 minutes until the game starts, so I thought I'd just remind people where they're starting.

Xigbar: Waterdeep
Odin: Calimport
Muraki: Calimport
Ginji: Waterdeep

That's all for now. See you in an hour!
Thursday, April 12th, 2007
10:41 pm
City Info: Calimport
Calimport: A desert slum city, the crime capital of Toril and in the country of Calimshan, where it is not the Sultan Veshera that rules, but warring crime syndicates. Calimport is a city of extremes, where there are a few fabulously wealthy residents, and a large underclass trapped in crushing poverty until death or a lucky break from illegal activity. New found residents are advised to take care at all times, or risk being the victim of a violent crime.

Population 192,800

Persons of Interst:

Pasha Pook: Currently, the most powerful man in Calimport, the leader of the most successful crime guild in in the city. As of late, Pook, normally a well-tanned and plump individual has become somewhat sallow and pale, as though weighed down by his duties.

Sultan Vezhera: The nominal leader of Calimport.

Mystic Tavern: The busiest and best tavern of the town, offering a wide variety of food and drink catered to any budget. An opium den operates out of the back rooms of the establishment, perfect for traveles hoping to obtain a slightly more "cosmic" experience.

The Glistening Harem: Arguably the cleanest operation in the city, catering to all mainstream sexual fetishes and kinks. For travelers hoping for some non-sexual pleasure, opulent bath house services are available, with price ranges to accomdate several different income brackets.
10:37 pm
City Info: Waterdeep
Waterdeep: "The City of Splendors" and the largest city in Toril. A major political player, the city-state is run by a council of Lords, who oversee the city's affairs from a distance. Legal affairs of a grave nature are overseen by the rulers of the city, the Lords of Waterdeep. Waterdeep is the largest trading port in the area, outstripping it's compet

Population 1.3 million

People of interest

Piergeiron the Paladinson: "The Unmasked", the Warden of Waterdeep, the Commander of the watch, and the only Lord of Waterdeep that is known to the populace. He lives within the golden-spired palace in center city. Of the Lords, he is the only one who does not disguise his identity.

Skullport: Part of the Upper areas of the Underdark, Skullport takes it's location one mile directly underneath the city. It is a foul and dark place, akin more to Calimport than Waterdeep, filled with Pirates, slave traders, and members of the subterrean evil races, such as Drow and Illithid. Access to this area is exceedingly difficult and incredibly dangerous. Travelers are advised to avoid entering Skullport at all costs.
10:36 pm
City Info: Silverymoon
Silverymoon: called "The Gem of the North", Silverymoon strives to replicate the design of the long lost elven city Myth Drannor, with ethereal tall white spires created and shaped by magic. It is a city of beauty, light, and community. Any and all creatures of the "good" races are accepted there equally, as well as a few members of the "evil" races. Silverymoon is also a city of magic, home to some of the best spellcasters Toril over.

Population:100,000 est.

People of Intrest
Alustriel Silverhand: The unanimously elected ruler of Silverymoon, considered to be one of the gems the city has to offer, being a kind, beautiful, and talented woman, being a powerful archmage capable of creating a great many useful alchemical and magical items.

The Moonbridge: a bridge crossing over a creek in the city, constructed entirely from magical means. It is a common meeting place in the city due to it's location near town center, and it's breathtaking and picturesque architiecture.
4:45 am
4:13 am
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Wednesday, April 4th, 2007
10:53 pm
10:21 pm
City Information: Athkatla
Athkatla has been called the crossroads of the world, the shining center of the Sword Coast... and possibly the most corrupt city in Faerun. It is the capital of the expansive nation of Amn, and home to the most overbearing secret police in the entirety of Faerun, and perhaps Abeir-Toril: the Cowled Wizards. Any who are caught using arcane magic without license are arrested, and taken to the asylum Spellhold. For a law-abiding citizen, however, Ashkatla is a beautiful and cosmopolitan city, if a bit touch-and-go where crime is concerned.

Population: 118,000 (approximately)

Races: Humans, Half-orcs, Halflings

Persons of Note: None overwhelmingly. Most shop owners, barkeepers, head priests, and generic citizens, though, have an interesting story or two...

Places of Interest: Waukeen's Promenade, the largest marketplace in all of Amn; if it cannot be found there, as the saying goes, it cannot be found anywhere. The marketplace derives its name from Waukeen, the goddess of wealth; one might say that the entirety of Athkatla is her temple, given the overall obsession with material possessions.
9:48 pm
9:25 pm
City Information: Carradoon
Carradoon is an idyllic little village, located at the foot of the scenic Snowflake Mountains. There is little of interest here, to the average adventurer; simply a quiet, peaceful little farming town. Up a winding mountain path, though, lies the greatest temple of Deneir ever built: Spirit Soaring.

Population: Around 400 in Carradoon proper, 900 more in Spirit Soaring (not including a constantly-changing number of guests)

Races: Mostly humans, with a few half-orcs mixed in. Spirit Soaring welcomes worshippers of Deneir with no regard to race, though.

Persons of Note, Primary: Cadderly Bonaduce, High Priest of Deneir; he resides in the temple that he himself constructed, Spirit Soaring. Cadderly is an apparently-wizened old man; however, in reality, he is barely 30 years of age. An extreme focusing of divine magic (the construction of the Spirit Soaring, to be exact) caused him to age rapidly, though he is gradually returning to his natural age.

Persons of Note, Secondary: Danica Maupoissont, follower of Oghma, and wife of Cadderly; she, as well, resides in Spirit Soaring. Danica was formerly an adventurer, along with Cadderly and his friends; now, she does her best to support her husband, and lead the great temple of Spirit Soaring along with him.

Persons of Note, Secondary: Brother Chaunticleer, follower of Deneir, and leader of Spirit Soaring's choir; unlike many members of the clergy, Chaunticleer does not generally cast spells... per se. His voice, however, is said to touch the heavens, and drive back dark forces. He was the only priest of the Edificant Library (Spirit Soaring's predecessor) to survive a vampiric invasion, which was eventually quelled by the Library's prodigal son, Cadderly.

Places of Note: Spirit Soaring. The center of worship for adherents of Deneir, god of knowledge and invention. The monumental and inspiring building is a temple, hostel, library, and forum, all in one. Its doors are always open to outsiders.
Saturday, March 31st, 2007
11:46 pm
City Information: Neverwinter
Neverwinter is often called the Jewel of the North, a prosperous and picturesque city nestled deep in the frozen north. Its name is both inspired by the name of its founder, Lord Halueth Never, and due to the fact that the city has never been touched by a flake of snow. Despite being located in far, far north, the city is protected from the snow and the cold by a great river, the Neverwinter River, that is heated by fire elementals. The radiant heat is enough to keep the city temperate throughout the year, and banish any snow that might fall, giving the illusion of it never being winter. It is a city of craftsmen, known most of all for their chronometers; the phrase "by the clocks of Neverwinter", used as a sort of vow or solemn swear, exists due to the precision and reliability of said clocks. It is known for being a worldly, cosmopolitan city; travelers from all across the continent, even from the whole of Abeir-Toril, come to Neverwinter to mingle, and further broaden their horizons.

Population: 32,300 permanent residents, about 1,000 travellers at any given time.

Races present: Pretty much any civilized race. Mostly humans, dwarves, and orcs, though there are plenty of halflings, elves, gnomes, goblins, and half-breed races.

Persons of note, Primary: Lord Nasher Alagondar, ruler of Neverwinter; he makes his home in Castle Never. He is a devout worshipper of Tyr, and as zealous a protector of his beloved city as any one could meet.

Persons of note, Secondary: Ophala Cheldarstone, head of the Moonstone Mask; she lives in one of the more secluded rooms of the inn/brothel. She was formerly an adventurer with Lord Nasher, and is a spellcaster of no small talent.

Places of note: The Halls of Justice, a great temple to Tyr; a place of gathering, of healing, and, perhaps, a place to find the odd quest or mission. The Moonstone Mask, an inn/brothel in the City Core; a place to rest one's feet, chat with one of the most learned individuals in the city (see Ophala Cheldarstone, above). The Trade of Blades, a mercenary hostel/emporium; if one with combat prowess wishes to find work, they need go no further.
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