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City Info: Waterdeep

Waterdeep: "The City of Splendors" and the largest city in Toril. A major political player, the city-state is run by a council of Lords, who oversee the city's affairs from a distance. Legal affairs of a grave nature are overseen by the rulers of the city, the Lords of Waterdeep. Waterdeep is the largest trading port in the area, outstripping it's compet

Population 1.3 million

People of interest

Piergeiron the Paladinson: "The Unmasked", the Warden of Waterdeep, the Commander of the watch, and the only Lord of Waterdeep that is known to the populace. He lives within the golden-spired palace in center city. Of the Lords, he is the only one who does not disguise his identity.

Skullport: Part of the Upper areas of the Underdark, Skullport takes it's location one mile directly underneath the city. It is a foul and dark place, akin more to Calimport than Waterdeep, filled with Pirates, slave traders, and members of the subterrean evil races, such as Drow and Illithid. Access to this area is exceedingly difficult and incredibly dangerous. Travelers are advised to avoid entering Skullport at all costs.
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