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City Information: Athkatla

Athkatla has been called the crossroads of the world, the shining center of the Sword Coast... and possibly the most corrupt city in Faerun. It is the capital of the expansive nation of Amn, and home to the most overbearing secret police in the entirety of Faerun, and perhaps Abeir-Toril: the Cowled Wizards. Any who are caught using arcane magic without license are arrested, and taken to the asylum Spellhold. For a law-abiding citizen, however, Ashkatla is a beautiful and cosmopolitan city, if a bit touch-and-go where crime is concerned.

Population: 118,000 (approximately)

Races: Humans, Half-orcs, Halflings

Persons of Note: None overwhelmingly. Most shop owners, barkeepers, head priests, and generic citizens, though, have an interesting story or two...

Places of Interest: Waukeen's Promenade, the largest marketplace in all of Amn; if it cannot be found there, as the saying goes, it cannot be found anywhere. The marketplace derives its name from Waukeen, the goddess of wealth; one might say that the entirety of Athkatla is her temple, given the overall obsession with material possessions.
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