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Rules and Regulations: Assorted Stuff

Sometimes this sort of section is called potpourri. But that's a terrible word, so let's not use it.

Point the first: You are not your character. In-character drama should NOT translate to out-of-character drama. This is something that irks us in the extreme. In light cases, this will earn the instigator(s) an OOC Warning. In severe cases, this will result in the offending player(s) being banned from the community.

Point the second: STAY IN CHARACTER!! Drizzt would not murder babies for fun. Entreri would not help an old lady across the street for no compensation. Jarlaxle... okay, he would do basically anything. Your first warning is a "gimme"; nothing bad will happen. Second warning means you have to talk to at least two of the mods in a chat room (AIM is ideal) to discuss what you will be doing to change. Third warning isn't a warning: you're gone.

Point the third: This community accepts pairings of any orientation. You MUST play out a relationship, though; no random hooking up, unless that is in-character for all involved. FURTHERMORE, if the relationship has any sexual side to it, ALL CHARACTERS INVOLVED MUST BE OVER THE AGE OF CONSENT FOR THEIR RESPECTIVE HOMES. If none is specified, we're setting the magic number at 15. If the character is from the USA, it's 17. If they are from Japan, it's 15. Do your research! Of course, we accept nonsexual fluffies from any pairing at all. Sometimes, it's good to just be cute.

Point the fourth: The mods are your friends. We are here to make the game fun for the players. A game is not a game UNLESS it has players. We aren't here to force you into any plots, to railroad you, to play your character for you, or any of that crap. HOWEVER, we are in charge. If we give you an OOC warning, or speak to you about some other problem, DO NOT TALK BACK. I mean, yes, discuss. You can talk to us, that's ENCOURAGED. Please. We need affirmation. But, do NOT get snippy, snide, or sarcastic. That's rude, and disrespectful, and we won't put up with it.

Point the fifth: We love you~<3
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